Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photographs and Memories

They say that when you travel with your partner that's when you truly discover his/her true personality. Well I'd have to admit that is quite true. On our recent trip to Hong Kong, I discovered that although D is quite adept in packing and repacking matters, he was/is the ultimate photo trigger happy person. He took pictures of everything and I mean everything!

The thing is we are the proud owner(s) of only ONE digital camera. Heck I would even go as far as saying that it is MY camera. It was a gift from my sister and I'd had it way before we got married. But since I'm a kind person, if I may say so myself, I would let him use it.

You see, D has developed this keen interest in photography. I admit he has a good eye when it comes to capturing unique angles. My sister has her iPhone which she now uses for everything even taking pictures. So I 'borrowed' her Sony digicam for the entire duration of the trip. So D had 'my' digicam at his disposal.

Eventually '' totally irritated me to no end. There were moments when I had to stay behind and let my parents and sister go ahead because I had to wait until he got back from God knows where to take pictures. He is what you call a 'slow' photographer, for want of a better word. He would wander off and study the area, position himself from awkward angles just to snap a picture of let's say the dome of a church. He would also take pictures at his own pace which in my opinion is quite slow.

At one point, I was so irritated I just left him and went ahead with my family. When he was finally able to catch up with us, I gave him the silent treatment for 2 days. It isn't in my nature to do so but enough was enough. :D I believe he got the hint because the next day he gave the digicam back for me to use.

My main issue was not the fact that he was hogging the camera. Honestly I didn't mind. What I minded was his slow pace. He was traveling with 4 other people who had to constantly wait for him to 'show' up. It got on my nerves.

For me, a trip is about bonding together and enjoying the scenery. It goes without saying that we should take pictures to capture the moments. But when the trip turns into a big photo shoot opportunity then it ruins the entire picture.

Speaking of pictures from this recent trip, I've been quite busy sorting out the thousands of photos he took. He wants me crop and edit the pictures before he uploads them on FB. So while he is quite adept at taking pictures, he isn't patient enough to do his own 'editing' since he is busy with work. Me, I'm not open to the idea of 'photoshopped' pictures. I posted the ones I took as they were taken. Naturally I picked out the ones where I didn't look like a fat cow. :D

How about you? Do you edit your pictures before you upload them on FB or Flickr? I'd like to hear your comments on this tedious chore.


Photo Cache said...

hahaha, my hubby is the same thing. i got him hooked on photography and he can now compete with me but i still lead with a large margin when it comes to number of pics taken. although i must admit he has got the eye of a photographer.

for fb(people pics) i don't edit them, sometimes just crop them. for flick'r the one i use for blogging, i do some editing, but nothing major, a little touch ups and cropping.

corporal punishment pala hatol ke d sa offense nya - 2 days silent treatment :)

Daphn3 LaurA said...

lol kasi naman he was very inconsiderate and we had to wait such a long time for him to show up ulit. He also refused to answer his cellphone!