Saturday, March 17, 2012


Things have been really bad. Unfortunately it seems it would continue to decline rapidly in the coming days even months. I'm talking about the economy. In the past 2 weeks, gas prices have spiraled without any relief in sight. And you all know once gasoline prices go up, then prices of commodities will also increase.

Lately, I noticed my grocery bill has spiked up even though I still buy the same items every week. So now I buy small(er) portions of items like dish washing liquids, insect repellent, canned goods and dairy products. My eyes spark whenever I see the term 'discount' in stores.

I've been diligently collecting points from my cellphone load so I could redeem rewards like gift cards which would go a long way in alleviating my grocery bill. I believe it is the same all over the world. A distant relative living in the US told me she has turned to a coupon lady. She accumulates Walmart gift cards for her shopping needs.

We are implementing cost cutting measures in our household. We recently downgraded our cable TV subscription to a basic plan. Sure, there are now fewer TV channels but the monthly bill will be "slightly" reduced. We are also thinking of canceling our telephone land line and just rely on our cellphone (to make calls) for our communication needs.

Times are hard. We have no choice but to tighten our belts to survive!

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