Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wynn Hotel Macau (December 26, 2011)

After we were through exploring the majestic Grand Lisboa hotel, we crossed over (took the connecting underpass) to the Wynn hotel.

On the way, we caught several glimpses of the Macau Tower

The 2,200-meter Sai Van bridge links Macau peninsula with Taipa islet. The bridge is the gateway to Cotai, known as casino capital of China.

Here is the facade of the Wynn hotel

The grand interiors

Then we 'wasted' time at the casinos where you all know it is prohibited to take pictures. We didn't really win big at the slot machines. Just 'barya' to while away the time. I get bored easily so I just played for a few minutes. I cannot just sit and press those buttons over and over and over again! It isn't entertaining, for me. On the other hand, my dear mother can just sit and play for hours. It is therapeutic, daw!

At around 7pm, we caught the hugely entertaining musical show known as the performance lake. It is a spectacular show featuring dancing water jets with dazzling lights and flames. It is shown daily from 7pm onwards (with 15 minutes intervals) at the fountain area of the Wynn Macau.



kayni said...

The Wynn Las Vegas is also pretty. I think it's one of the newest hotels to be put up there - about three to four years ago. Is this Wynn Macau new?

The performance lake is similar to the Bellagio fountains with exception to the fire...lol.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

@Kayni According to its website, Wynn Macau was opened in 2006. 6 years ago.

I've never been to Las Vegas so I can make a valid comparison re Bellagio fountains. But I'll take your word for it :D