Monday, March 12, 2012

General cleaning

This hot sweltering month of March marks the end of yet another school year, here in Pinas. D will be extremely busy grading the final exams as well as encoding the grades of all the classes he handles this semester. Then it is vacation time for him. 2 1/2 months of taking a break from teaching, grading and other extracurricular school activities.

We are not really big on summer vacation. Because for one, it is going to be too hot to really enjoy. We are both NOT beach bodies more like home bodies. We will just be sharing and enjoying quiet moments of bonding over iced tea, ice cream and internet connection. Secondly, our budget constraints prevent us from spending like crazy on summer getaways.

This year also marks the 4th year of living in this rented 2 storey apartment. I feel it is time we did a general cleaning to de-clutter our home. It is funny how much 'junk' one accumulates in a span of a few months not to mention 4 years. I want to get rid of old clothes and shoes, damaged appliances, empty boxes of gadgets and appliances that just gather dust. Basta I just want to make this place more presentable. More livable, so to speak.

I was also thinking of turning "the computer room" into a more professional office space complete with decent office chairs. My work from home station needs some sprucing up. After all, a comfortable working environment will inspire me to be compose more blog entries.

So yes that is what I'm looking forward to this summer 2012. Be more productive. More creative. While trying not to melt in these soaring temperatures. Anyway, I could just take more showers to freshen up. So bring it on!

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