Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ponytail time

There is this hair conditioner ad repeatedly shown on TV which asks "Nag half day ulit ba ang conditioner mo?" It basically refers to the fact that by midday you resort to tying your hair because it loses volume or its shine.

Well, I think that ad is grossly misleading because no matter how many times I use that brand of conditioner, my hair isn't shiny! Ok well I admit maybe the texture of my hair is to blame. I have wiry, wavy, messy hair so no amount of shampoo and conditioner would make me look fabulous.

I've always dreamt of having long layered hair like JLo. Her mane is full of volume and it has a bouncy feel to it. But who am I kidding, right? These celebrities have hair stylists at their beck and call. A whole retinue of staff that pamper her mane 24/7. So unless I win the lottery, I can never afford such luxury.

Naturally there is always the beauty salon to run off to for pampering. But those treatments don't come cheap and the minute I shampoo my hair it goes back to its "buhaghag" state. But I do like to indulge in it once or maybe twice a year just to give my self esteem some much needed boost.

Growing up in Europe, I was used to people minding their own business. I've never been particularly vain. In fact I sometimes forget to check myself in the mirror, really. I'd get up in the morning, tie my hair in a ponytail (without even brushing it) then I'm ready to do my chores.

So it was quite a shock to my system when we came back here for good when people would point out how bushy my eyebrows were or how thick my hair was. It was only in 2001 that I became consciously aware of my looks. I had to invest in devices like tweezers, waving packages, hair iron. I basically went broke trying different kinds of products to tame my frizzy mane. Some items worked, temporarily. Some products worked, instantly. But MOST did nothing to my hair.

I just don't get it why people would comment about my thick eyebrows and my wavy hair. It's not like I would turn into a better person if I had nicely shaped eyebrows and straight hair, I would still be the same arrogant, sarcastic me, so why bother? :D


Kayni said...

Oh yes, I've met those people who'd make comments about my brows or my hair as well; then they'd start suggesting things to do or which salon to go to. I did not start waxing my eyebrows until after college and when I started working. If I wasn't working, I'd be fine and comfy the way I am - full eyebrows, unshaven legs etc.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Yes I think they mean well but I find them to be quite nosey.

I only go for waxing when there is a special occasion or else I'm fine being a hairy beast :D LOL