Monday, June 25, 2012

Who let the dogs out?

I'm not a pets person. Although we did have a green parrot when we were kids living in India, I've never developed an affinity for animals. I figure being bitten by a puppy when I was about 6 years old gave me a phobia for the four legged creatures.

D, on the other hand is quite fond of dogs. He grew up having them as pets. He has expressed his desire to buy one but I am adamant against his plan. Mostly because I'm terrified of dogs. Since D is at work for long hours, guess who would have to deal with the pet? Me, of course. No, thanks it ain't happening so just forget about it, honey.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility pretty much like parenthood. But sadly it seems there aren't many responsible pet owners in this nation. On our street alone, I encounter a lot of dog poop when I go walking. Not to mention the number of stray dogs that roam freely on a daily basis. Ergo, I abandoned the idea of walking around the neighborhood as a form of exercise for fear of stepping on nasty dog poo or worst being attacked by a fierce pit bull.

There is also the case of a black dog owned by the tenants of the apartment in front of ours. They usually let him (I'm assuming it is male) out during night time. I figure for his daily walks. I have no issue with that, it is fine by me. But what I don't understand is how come they don't let the poor dog back in. Several nights, I'm roused from my sleep by the sounds of a dog howling. He would start scratching the gate trying desperately to force it open. Then he would emit a loud shrilling howl which makes me shiver because it sounds like the cry of a dying animal.

It is bad enough when some people are inconsiderate and selfish. But it is really cruel when they neglect their very own pets. Tsk!

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