Sunday, July 01, 2012

Creepy crawlies

Cockroaches scare me like nothing else, well aside from my phobia of dogs! But the thing with a four legged creature is I can avoid them when I see one on the street. But these pesky bugs are a different matter, all together. They crawl. They run. They are filthy. They are pests. Heck, they even fly!

Although when I see tiny ones I have no qualms stepping on them to quash their existence but once they reach a certain size, I flay and run off like my shorts are on fire.

When I still resided in the condo, my sister and I would scream our lungs off whenever we saw them. We would be paralyzed with fear. My sister is worse because although she fears them, she doesn't make any effort to kill them. After huffing, puffing and panting I would muster enough courage to reach for the insect repellant, then spray all over until the whole unit would reek with toxic fumes. Then we run off upstairs. Luckily for us, our condo is a loft so we can always escape to the upper floor.

When I got married, my first encounter with the bug was comical. I was watching TV downstairs when I saw it with my peripheral vision. I put my feet up on the chair and shrieked. D rushes down astonished by my reaction. I kept pointing at it, shrieking until I was hoarse. I told D to grab the repellant and empty its contents on the bug(ger).

And what does D do? He waits for the opportune moment, then he kicks it with his left foot and it passes through under the main door! I was sweating profusely, hoarse and still panicked, I instantly reach for the repellant and sprayed the door. You know just in case the cockroach was still alive and decides to return to terrorize me, again.

D kept laughing but I didn't think it was funny, at all. I was petrified. Nowadays, whenever I see it lurking around, I rush upstairs screaming at D to 'take care' of it. I have never seen D visibly step on one, he prefers to kick it out. I have my doubts whether it is dead so I follow up with the spraying of the insect repellant. Just in case. Just to assuage my fears.

I have tried to keep this house, bugs free yet they still persist. Well they have been in existence since the ages of dinosaurs but unfortunately they didn't go the extinct route like those 'saures'. Every time it rains and our street gets flooded, all those pesky bugs make their way into our apartment. Truly disgusting, really!

Note: I may have posted about this fear of mine in a previous post so excuse me if I am repetitive. I am getting old and my memory is fading. Probably due to all those toxic fumes from the insect repellants.

Who knows?

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