Monday, July 02, 2012

Kiss the Rain

I love rainy days (and mondays, too!) Simply because it clears off the dusty air of pollutants. It also considerably lowers the temperatures. And hey any day, I don't sweat is perfect weather for me.

One of my favorite scents is that smell when it first starts to rain and the concrete pavement gets wet. Or in the vernacular, 'alimuom'. The water cools down the heat of the ground so it evaporates into vapor form emitting this certain smell. Yes, I know I'm strange and quirky!

I get visions of a parched earth being watered by the rain pouring down from the skies to relieve its mighty thirst. Or an open field filled with flowers that start to bloom once they are blessed with raindrops.

This smell conveys happy and positive thoughts in my weary mind. Until it won't stop pouring and floods accrues. Then I am suddenly shaken back to reality. Oh such fleeting joy!


Photo Cache said...

I do love the smell of alimuon also. Haha, I thought I was weird. At least even if I'm weird it's nice being weird with you.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Phew now that's a relief there is someone else in the world who also loves the scent of 'alimuon'. :D