Monday, July 30, 2012

Fried Rice

One of the items I always order when we travel to distant shores is fried rice. It is a complete meal. It contains carbs (rice), protein (pork), vegetables (green peas), seafood (shrimps) and dairy (scrambled eggs). So it fills you up to last an entire day as you explore new sights.

I've eaten my fair share of fried rice during all of my travels but my absolute favorite fried rice is nasi goreng from Indonesia. In the early 1990s, my sister and I vacationed in Bintan. It is a small Indonesian island that is easily accessible from Singapore by a ferry. If I remember correctly, it was a quick 30 minute ride. We were billeted in this beach front resort and that's where I first tasted Nasi Goreng.

This Malay dish consists of rice that is mixed with an orange colored paste that is both spicy and salty. It is combined with prawns, chicken and usually has a sunny side up egg on top. It is served with chicken/beef satay and kropek. Please take note that Nasi Goreng is quite spicy. So make sure, you can handle its hot spicy flavor. I usually tell the waiter to make my order 'mild'. Fortunately, they usually oblige my request.

I remember we stayed in Bintan for 5 days and I ordered nasi goreng for every meal. I was that hooked. My sister would tell me to order something else but I didn't budge. The room service staff must have thought I was some crazy person who couldn't get enough of this Indonesian delight. Coincidentally, 'Nasi' means rice and 'Goreng' means fried in Bahasa Indonesia.

Nowadays, it is my usual dish to order when we eat in restaurants that serve Asian cuisine. But bar none, that Nasi Goreng in Bintan was the most delicious I've ever had!

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