Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Think before you click

In this modern age where everything is instant, from coffee, cash to pictures, you'd think that people would have the decency to think twice before they act.

I'm talking about posting pictures on the world wide web. Websites like Flickr, Photobucket, Twitter and Facebook are uploaded with millions of pictures, daily. I have nothing against this activity, I am guilty of doing my share of uploading as well. It is convenient to store our digital pictures on a website where we know we can access them, if and when our gadgets suddenly go bonkers.

I was prompted to write this post after D told me that a co-worker was admonished for posting his indecent picture on his FB page. Well, he wasn't naked but he was wearing really short shorts or probably trunks. I don't know I didn't see the offending photograph.

I mean it is something else if you are at the beach or some summer getaway with friends. But a studio shot where you advertise your less than perfect body for the whole student populace to feast their eyes on is NOT a responsible thing to do. It reeks of bad taste, poor judgment and ugly behavior.

Having said that, I also find it quite repulsive when women of a certain age, openly flaunt their cellulite infested thighs in short shorts and/or mini skirts. They think it is cool and makes them look 'sexy' but hey come on, 'camel toe' and oxygen constricting tight tops that highlight your wiggly parts are not pleasant to view, period. I'd say 'please act your age and dress appropriately'. Or just edit it out of the album and don't include it for the whole wide world to see.

I was raised to maintain proper decorum, at all times. Being in the Foreign Service, my dad was very strict about protocol and stuff. This also trickled down to what we wore, how we behaved and how we interacted in social settings. Therefore, I have always been extremely conscious about my attire. Color coordinated, shoes matching bags, hair neatly out of the face, minimal make up, no loud accessories. Rule was clear: Keep it neat and simple, always.

It was difficult, really. But it trained me well, if I may say so myself. So after we got home for good, I went through a period where I was able to explore more trendy less conservative options for my wardrobe. It was liberating but I was still very conscious about the minutiae details.

So I doubt, I would ever be caught posting an indecent picture. Besides, I married a censor! He takes it upon himself to 'berate' me when he feels I am not appropriately dressed. It seems that D has taken over my father's duties. What is that they say that a girl would want to end up with someone just like her father?. I guess I did good by that adage, ha!

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