Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've always been conscientious when it comes to using my one and only credit card. As much as possible, I use cash to pay for bills, grocery items and when we dine at restaurants.

But when it comes to larger amount like air fares, accommodations, electronic appliances and gadgets, I use my credit card so I can pay it on an installment basis. I also use it to accumulate reward points so I can claim gift certificates. Sometimes, there are freebies and special promos at restaurants when a patron is a credit card holder.

But I get quite a shock to my system once I receive the bill and see the exorbitant amount due along with the finance charges. I've researched online to find any credit card tips which can help me better understand the various 'hidden' charges added to the purchases. They are quite useful and informative! We should all learn to spend wisely and be financially sound.

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