Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little bird told me

It took me a while to join the TwitTeR bandwagon. But when I did, boy did it alter my view about this social medium of disseminating information. I was able to instantly inform my parents about that brazen robbery at the money changer in that mall in Ortigas. They were just about to head over there for some errands.

I get weather bulletins and flood warning advisories every hour. Especially in times like these when the southwest monsoon rains seem to permanently park its wet behind in our neck of the woods.

I also get inspirational quotes which brighten an otherwise bleak day. Along with funny, laugh out loud jokes which always put me in a good mood. Some of them are too raunchy but hey I'm an adult and it's the laughter that counts, right?

It is also a good source of getting breaking news as they unfold. Updates on the events as they occur and instant feedback after it happened. Either political, social, sports or showbiz news - they all matter in some significant manner.

But not all twe3ts make good fodder. There are really mean individuals out there who have nothing better to do than to bash, malign, bully and harass other people. Surely, you'd say that freedom of speech is a right. Yet to openly destroy the reputation of another human being is just foul and evil. Scandals, libelous statements can just erupt out of the blue from unverified sources.

Twe3t wars are truly damaging but I'd have to admit they are fascinating to read. So does that make me part of the problem as an innocent bystander who likes to fester on gossip? Or is it just natural for humanity to be intrigued by salacious and malicious content? Either way, I believe it is best we still practice good manners and show restraint when we twe3t.


Although I believe that it is a good way to disseminate information, I also believe it shouldn't be the only way that people can get updates. It only works if you have an internet connection and/or a smartphone, otherwise you are just like the big percentage of the populace who remain clueless, uninformed and out of the loop.

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