Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A missive

Dear Tropical Storm Helen,

We, the people living in NCR (National Capital Region) and its nearby environs would greatly appreciate it if you won't cause too much damage to human lives and properties.
I understand you are a storm. Torrential rains, strong winds with lightning and thunder bolts all encompass your scope.
But have mercy on the populace who live under bridges, in low lying areas, in areas prone to landslides and/or near the coast. They have suffered way too much already. Their lives are disrupted for months as they make do in crowded evacuation centers.
Education is stalled as public schools are turned into temporary relief centers for those displaced citizenry.
Make up classes would have to be conducted with the kids feet soaked in flood waters.
Diseases like the flu, dengue and the lethal leptospirosis are now very rampant.
Traffic is at a standstill as huge potholes make our roads look like the moon with its craters.
On a personal note, I get really worried as our street floods easily. The roof still leaks even though the contractor sent by our landlord allegedly fixed it, a couple of days ago. Darn it!
There is just too much at stake. So please give us a break. But if you must do your thing, make it a quickie!

Dazed and Drenched,
D@phn3 L@urA

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