Friday, August 03, 2012


This incessant rain that keeps on pouring is overstaying its welcome. It seems that our poor flood prone nation has a huge magnet attached to its premises. It attracts typhoons, storms, LPAs, ITCZs and the ever menacing southwest monsoon that hovers like a moth to a flame.

Whole towns near the coast are inundated for days. Classes are suspended. Monstrous traffic jams as vehicles would not dare to cross flooded areas. And did you see the tons of garbage that piled up along Manila Bay? The Roxas Boulevard's Baywalk is one big smelly dump site. The trash that residents of Metro Manila didn't care to dispose off properly is thrown back by the angry sea back into the board walk. Nice!

But we never learn. Illegal settlers still refuse to be relocated to far flung areas. Local politicians are too greedy for their votes during election year to make an effort to dismantle the shanties. SO what do we get in return? Smelly, vermin infested trash that in turn clog our drainage system. Ergo, flooded streets.

But if there is one common factor that I've observed during these calamities is how people still have smiles on their faces. It's like our 'bahala na' attitude sustains us during disasters. People wading in waist deep water grin when they see a TV news crew covering the fact that their barangay would have to endure days even weeks of floods from the incessant rains, the high tide and the release of water from the dams. The joy on the contented faces of kids as they swim in the stagnant water. (I don't really recommended this but they seem happy!) Children of all ages with happy faces as they crowd themselves in classrooms turned into evacuation centers.

So yes while it is disheartening to watch the news because it is mostly reports about flooded towns, lack of proper disposal of garbage and lost of livelihood for fishermen, we can proudly say that, we Filipinos are a resilient lot and we will somehow through the grace of the Almighty survive yet another calamity.

But dear Lord, please give us a break. A tiny ray of sunshine would do wonders for our defeated spirits. Amen!

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