Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Light and Sound Show

The title does not refer to any museum or a musical fountain show but rather the freaky thunderstorm complete with massive lightning bolts we experienced  last night.

We had just finished dinner and was washing the dishes when it started to rain heavily.  Then loud thunder could be heard reverberating across the skies. The alarms of our neighbors cars went off every single time the ground shook from the vibrations.

I immediately switched off all the electrical appliances like our computers and the TV even though I was totally engrossed in the replay of the blind auditions for "The Voice."  Based on our past experiences we know that  lightning bolts can do much damage once it strikes electronic gadgets. I grabbed hold of the flashlight as well as the rechargeable lamp because I was anticipating the electricity to conk out but amazingly it didn't.  

With nothing left to do, we went up to our bedroom and watched the light and sound show unfold right outside our window.  It was scary as massive lightning bolts would brighten the skies, followed immediately by loud reverberating thunders.  I kept my eyes closed but D would keep me updated every time a bolt of lightning struck. 

In times like these, you realize how much one relies on electrical appliances like the TV or the computer to keep you occupied.  But there in the midst of a huge thunderstorm which lasted for almost 2 hours, conversing about anything under the sun is the key to keep you entertained. It felt good to return to the basics and talk about anything without any distraction like the blaring TV or playing Scrabble or 8 Ball Pool (for D) on FB.  

I was still narrating the plot of  a  film I watched at the recently concluded Cine Europa when I heard the faint sound of a snore.  D had fallen asleep! Either our talking points were too boring or he was simply too tired from a long day.  Hopefully, it was the latter.   There goes my long spiel about having meaningful conversation in the dark for nothing.  Apparently, I was merely talking to myself.  :D


Photo Cache said...

sleeping is the best way to pass the thunder and lightning show. at least that's what i did before. especially since i'm terrified of both./

DaPHne LAura said...

I know but not when I'm still having a conversation LOL Perhaps the sound of my voice lulled him into snore land. :D