Friday, October 19, 2012

Double Four

It's the 19th of October, time for me to usher in my 44th year.

I wish I had the energy to compose a long post reflecting on what my life has been like all these years but I'm too lazy to force my brain cells to do some heavy thinking.

But one word comes to mind as I reflect back on my life much like a flashback scene in any movie - "blessed".

I owe much of my blessed life to my beloved parents, my very generous sister and for the past 4 years my loving hubby.

My key word for this year and as well as for my future is 'sparkle'.  

I wish that every aspect of my life will shine as brilliantly as the gemstones on these dangling earrings I received as gifts from my beloved sister.  =)


Kayni said...

I wish you lots of SPARKLE on your birthday and all your birthdays. Go and celebrate.

Photo Cache said...

I echo Kayni's sentiments. And your sis and I have the same tastes in earrings.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks Kayni and Photo Cache :)