Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New lease on life

Finally my Harriet got fixed. 

Apparently one of her parts (memory card) was corrupted thus causing those irritating blue screen moments coupled with her "today.I.switch.on-tomorrow.I.won't.switch.on" tantrums.

Yesterday, our reliable tech guy worked on her the whole day. Aside from the new component, I finally decided to make the switch from Windows XP to Windows 7.  

I'm a traditionalist so I'm guided by the age old formula that if it works why change it mentality. I've been using Windows XP for eons now. I kept postponing the switch because I've grown accustomed to its ease of function style.

But the tech guy said it would be quite difficult to find drivers for Windows XP if we use newer component parts. In fact, Harriet is already 5 years old and by normal standards, parts can get obsolete within 2 years time.

So I'm happy. I was willing to go for a complete overhaul.  Well actually that was D's idea. It was going to be his gift for my birthday. But we were able to save as it turns out just one part was needed for Harriet's rebirth, for now.  The tech guy said Harriet would have to be phased out within 2 years or less.

There are many exciting features in Windows 7.  I get an adrenaline rush from tinkering with the various options.  I feel like a kid in a toys store and I was up until the wee hours just exploring with a huge smile on my face.It's wonderful how a tiny component can add a new lease on an already aging device.  

Now don't you wish this was applicable to our own body parts? I know there are certain joints in my soon to be 44 (years old) body which could use some replacement parts and make me feel brand new again!  :D


Kayni said...

Glad to hear Harriet is back :)

I agree. I wish it's easier to fix ailing body parts :(.

Photo Cache said...

Hahaha, that's what I miss about PI. Everything can be fixed. No need to buy new stuff.