Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm back

12 days of constant dining out with shopping spree galore not to mention the special bonding time with my beloved sister can sure take its toll on me. 

My 43 year old body has gained 5 kgs from all that bingeing. Imagine that!  I'm exhausted. My feet hurt from all the walking (albeit in the malls).  My monthly lasted more than its usual expectancy.  My head hurts from staying up late as we watched TV shows on her laptop.


I managed to purchase new clothes, new shoes.  I got my early birthday gifts (yes plural) from my sister. I was also able to sneak in a hair treatment with haircut session which was so relaxing!

My cup runneth over, I'm extremely content and feel thoroughly blessed as I usher in my 44th year in a week's time. 

Thank you,  Lord for the continued pouring of abundant blessings. =)


Kayni said...

Great to hear your sister was in town. It sounds like you two had a wonderful time. Just in case, I'll be too busy, I'll greet you - Happy Birthday - today.

I have some medical tests the coming weeks and I'm also going for my biopsy, so won't be online much.

Take good care.

Photo Cache said...

Happy birthday. So glad you started your celebrating early.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks so much Kayni.

Good luck! I hope your medical tests results would be favorable to your health.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes I had a valid excuse to indulge myself by overeating, overspending and overcompensating. :D

Thanks for the early greetings. Much appreciated! :)