Saturday, October 13, 2012

Put a ring on it

Several months before our marital union, we scouted the crowded streets of Binondo to canvass for our wedding rings. With a limited budget and a traditional design in mind, we practically entered all the shops lined up in that very busy stretch of jewellery shops.

It was so overwhelming because there was a wide variety of rings on display. I am quite satisfied with the rings we finally ended up purchasing. It was well within our budget and the design is simple yet elegant if I may say so myself. 

From time to time, I still check out some websites which offer wedding rings. I was drawn towards a  talented artist named Todd Alan. He offers unique wedding rings which are originally designed and hand braided with the finest technique.  His unique wedding bands are made from the finest materials like silver, gold, white and red/rose gold as well as two toned and tri-color wedding rings. Each ring is intricately designed one at a time upon order.  He has developed a Celtic knot inspired design that is quite distinct with a fine polished finishing that is quite elegant. 

With a guaranteed secure online ordering facility, it also has a free 30 day risk free return policy so you are assured of good quality at all times.  So check out his online wedding ring art gallery and I'm sure you will have a feast just ogling over his very unique handwoven and braided designs.

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