Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 More Years

Millions spent on campaign sorties.  All of them manned by an effective team made up of volunteers and experts.  3 heated debates in which they argued on a variety of issues.  An assortment of campaign ads which I don't get the privilege to watch. 

It all led to an important date - November 6, 2012.  Or the morning of Wednesday, November 7 in this part of the globe.

America has voted and decided they want 4 more years of a Democratic President.

As I watched the extensive coverage of CNN on the election, I couldn't help but admire how seamlessly the whole process unfolded in one single day.  I didn't see any long lines of people waiting for their turn outside voting precincts.  No confusion and chaos as people looked for their names on the long voters list posted on the walls.  No election observers from major political parties crowding the entrance to voting precincts handing out sample ballots. No piles of garbage filled with 'kodigo' or the list of people to vote for.  Everything was orderly and well organized.  

Then a few hours later, the results were announced. The defeated candidate conceded graciously. The winner gave his victory speech.  End of process.  No claims of cheating or electoral sabotage. 

People partied till the wee hours of the morning and now wake up with a newly elected President who has a tough mandate to deliver his programs to the best of his ability.   Time to move on and get to work.    

No qualms about it, he has a tough job to do but I think America chose wisely. I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican when it comes to my political affiliations. I find myself right smack in the middle between being a liberal and a conservative. Besides, I'm not qualified to vote because I'm not a citizen of the US of A.   But as a keen observer of the electoral process which unfolded in just a single day, I can't help but wish our local elections set for next year will be as organized and a hassle free process!


Photo Cache said...

I hope to see in my lifetime a peaceful election in the PHIL where the results would be known in days not months or even years and that it would be the verdict of the people.

DaPHne LAura said...

That's my wish too! Seems quite elusive though here.