Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sumo San @ Edsa Shangri-la Mall

I've been meaning to eat at Sumo San @ the Shangri-la Mall for the longest time.  On a few occasions, we found ourselves in the area, the Japanese restaurant was always full and we didn't want to wait as our tummies were already grumbling.

For my 44th birthday last month, I decided to call ahead to reserve a table for four. My parents got there early so they decided to order California Roll (P258.00) for appetizers.

When I got there, I was totally confused on what to order as their menu was quite extensive. The menu itself was quite heavy but it did have pictures of the dishes they offered.   I just went by my gut feeling and ordered what I thought look and hopefully tasted good. 

I added Crunchy Tuna Roll (P238.00) to our appetizers.  For our main course, I ordered the Rib Eye Teppan (P779.00) and Gindara (P778.00).  

As well as the customary noodles for long life dish - Seafood Yakisoba (P258.00).

Conclusion: The portions of the dishes are a bit small but quite tasty.  Their menu is quite extensive as they serve steaks, seafood and sushi.  A distinct Westernized Japanese flavor is the main cuisine.  A bit pricey but the family friendly ambiance makes it conducive for celebrating special occasions.


Photo Cache said...

yummmy. i would have chosen the same dishes you did. happy belated.

there's more eating to come with the holidays just around the corner.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks :)

Yes right now I'm on a diet, kuno to prepare my tummy for the holidays bingeing. :D