Friday, November 23, 2012

Lucky Numbers

Ok I admit, I place bets at the lottery. I'm not obsessed with it, though.  Unlike my parents who buy tickets for several draws, every single day.

My strategy is to wait for the jackpot prize to reach over 30 Million Pesos before I place my bet. I usually use important dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries for our numbers.  As well as significant dates like when I first met D for the first time, our anniversary (which is different from our wedding date) as well as our ages.

Even though lately, I noticed our ages are no longer part of the numbers in some tickets. Heh! :D   The biggest I've won so far is 4 numbers which gave me 2,000 Pesos.  While my mother hit 5 numbers and got 56,000 Pesos!  That was quite a lucky windfall.

I collect all our winnings and place them in a piggy bank. At the end of every year, I deposit it at the bank.  So far for 2012, I already have 3,420 Pesos.

D often asks me what we'll do with the money.  His number one answer is to use the cash for fertility treatments.  Although frankly, I've given up on this 'plan'.  I feel that at 44 years old there are way too many health risks involved both for the mother and the unborn child.  But I still can't help but wish we win the grand jackpot, someday!

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