Sunday, November 04, 2012


I guess it is more PC (politically correct) to be called a stay at home wife rather than a 'plain housewife', these days.   Frankly, I don't see any vivid difference because they both  basically convey the same notion.  

For the past decade now I've been a homebody ergo I don't have a 9 to 5 job but it doesn't mean I got it easy.  I guess in same way, I'm lucky because I don't have to commute daily,  deal with traffic and office politics. But it has its disadvantages too which I'd probably tackle in another post.

So long weekends, school holidays doesn't basically get me all excited because for me it is just a couple of days or a couple of weeks when D is home the entire day.  Since he is a homebody too, we just basically coop up in front of our respective PCs (personal computer) lost in our own virtual realm for hours on end.

Yes I know, it sounds pretty boring, right? But believe me, it is also these moments when I find myself at my happiest with a serene and peaceful vibe that envelops me like a warm blanket on a chilly day.

Each of us totally focused on our own activities. Often, no words are spoken as we both wear earphones to listen to our respective genre of music. D prefers to listen to jazzy tunes.  I'm more inclined towards songs from the 1960s to the 1980s range.

An eerie silence permeates the entire apartment. But we are at peace, our hearts are smiling, contentment reigns.

Yes life is grand, indeed. :D

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