Saturday, November 03, 2012

The house on a hill

Since my parents are now in their 70s, my sister and I deemed it would be much better and very convenient for them to stay at a centrally located place.  Since my sister now lives aboard and I've relocated after my marriage,  the condo has been their home.  A sanctuary that is quite accessible to the malls, places of worship, places that provide public utility services and everything else that one needs for a comfortable lifestyle.

But we still visit our house in the hills occasionally.  Coincidentally, I named my blog after the subdivision where our bungalow is located.  Our single detached house is still fully furnished and contains most of the trinkets and souvenir items we've accumulated from several of our travels as well as our stints overseas.  

So every time I enter its premises, memories just keep rushing in from all corners of our bungalow.  From pieces of furniture bought from exotic places, beaded curtains that adorn the rooms, wooden carvings and souvenir porcelain plates of different shapes and sizes that hang from the walls to numerous photo albums containing pictures taken in different countries.

The time frame of these pictures range from our toddler years up to the time we came back for good, 10 years ago.  An era of pigtails, thick eyeglasses, bulky shoulder pads spanning different hairstyles.  As well as the period before the onset of the digital camera.  

Unfortunately, some of the photographs are already discolored from the ravages of time.  They are also gathering dust in albums stocked into piles of boxes that are now misshapen from years of neglect.  I know I need to salvage them before it is too late.

Actually that is my main resolution for next year. Until then, I guess I have 2 months to figure out how to go about this task.  As well as canvass for an affordable scanner that can magically transform memories into digital form.  How exciting!

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