Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yuletide cheers

I got my first and probably only Christmas card in the mail, today. It came all the way from the US of A from a blogger friendThanks so much, Kayni.   Your card inspired me to listen to Christmas carols the whole day.

One of my faves is "Christmas in our Hearts" by Jose Mari Chan which was composed in 1990.  He originally wanted Lea Salonga to sing with him but she was with another record company so unfortunately they could not collaborate. 

His next choice was Monique Wilson but she developed a sore throat and lost her voice the day before the recording.  So he got his daughter Lisa who was then still studying in Ateneo to memorize the song the night before the recording session.  She was game and thus this beautiful song with simply lyrics and a catchy tone became an instant hit.


Kayni said...

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs too :). I knew that he sang this with his daughter but I didn't know the story about Lea and Monique. Does he still sing these days?

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes it was nice to know some trivia behind this classic Christmas song. I heard it from Jose Mari Chan himself when he was interviewed on a TV show. Yes he is still very active in the music industry. He still performs in concerts. His voice still sounds the same, amazing talent! :)