Sunday, April 28, 2013


Aside from betting on the lotto, I dare say I'm not much of a gambler.  After all life itself is a gamble so why waste hard earned money on a risky maneuver? Having said that, from time to time, we indulge and head on to the bright lights of the casino to stake our claim.

Mostly it is only when my sister visits when we make our way to the land of slot machines. My mother is quite keen so it is imperative we keep a lid on her or else she would lose her entire savings.  Self control it seems is not a word found in her vocabulary. :D

So we ventured to explore the newly opened Solaire Resort & Casino in Paranaque. It is the first gambling site to rise in that reclaimed area to be known as Entertainment City. There were still a lot of ongoing construction in the parking building. You can tell from the smell of paint that invades your nostrils once you get out of the car. 

Once inside, you are immediately drawn to the vast arena of slot machines, poker tables and other games one can indulge in a typical casino setting.  There are also fine dining restaurants along with a food court center where they serve Asian and Western cuisine.

I also noticed these tall women dressed in black with red belt and high heels who are on display are situated in the main lobby. I figure they are guest relations officers who will guide you through the casino.  They didn't really make a good impression on me.  It came across as tacky and sleazy, but that's just me.

I guess I was lucky as I won P400 after I attacked the slot machines. I do practice self control as once I reach a certain amount I stop playing and pry myself away from temptation. :D

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