Friday, May 10, 2013

Hot afternoon delights

It has been one scorching summer of 2013.  It is still ongoing although the local weather bureau expects the onset of the monsoon season to start end of May or early June. I would certainly welcome the rains.  It has been really warm with bright skies during the day and humid during evenings. 

Our computers are located in a room on the 2nd floor where the bright rays of the sun likes to park itself during the afternoons.  To avoid heat stroke and dehydration, I stay clear of 'the sauna room'. 

To my surprise this period of being internet-less allows me to find ways to entertain myself.  I've foregone my nap sessions as I rather not sleep and wake up covered with sweat and a headache.

I've been productive, though.  It gives me time to tinker about the house. Do some sewing, arrange the book shelves, get rid of clutter and junk.  I wash our underwear and the rags.  I do my pedicure, trim my bushy eyebrows and other beauty regimens.   
I've also started a light exercise routine by climbing the stairs several times. It does tone my thigh and leg muscles as well as get my heartbeat racing.  It works up quite a storm of sweat which I know is the least I would want but hey I need to exercise to lower my cholesterol levels so I just grin and bear it.

While doing these tasks, I make sure I'm properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water and coconut juice.  It is a fun way to spend hot afternoons although I do miss my internet time.  :D


Photo Cache said...

we've had hot consecutive days this spring already, which makes me fear for a hotter than normal summer here. hot is not fun at all.

Kayni said...

We're still stuck in spring weather, which I love. Speaking of cholesterol level, my treatment caused my cholesterol to shoot up, now I have to take some medication to keep my cholesterol in check.

I dread the summers here though.

I'm officially on summer break, and I've missed everyone's blog.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes not fun one single bit. Sweating too much, running out of hankies he he he

DaPHne LAura said...

Welcome back to bloghopping Kayni. Well you had a valid excuse for your absence - your fabulous wedding!

I was prescribed Lipitor for 2 - 3 months. I've recently passed the one month mark, I can't wait for the 3 months to come so I go for another blood test. Not fun to be drinking too many meds!