Friday, July 26, 2013

Roulade, Terrine and Pavlova

Usually after dinner, I like to chill and watch TV shows.  If there is nothing to view on the telly, the alternative would be to park in front of my PC. Normally I would view one whole season of my fave programs.  I was done with my medical drama (Grey's Anatomy), scandalous politicking (Scandal) and spies thrillers (Homeland, The Americans).

So I turned my focus towards the yummy world of cooking shows.  Top Chef, MasterChef US and Australia and Top Chef Masters.  Programs which feature the culinary expertise of ordinary folks as well as experts in the food industry.   Most of them cook with ingredients I have never come across and use fancy terms to describe their dishes.

I only cook simple Filipino fare like Beef Kaldereta, Beef Steak Tagalog along with my experimental dishes which I concoct at the drop of a hat.  The hubby has not had any food poisoning experiences based on my cooking so that is a good sign.

To satisfy my gastronomic senses, I tune into people that cook recipes I would never get to taste let alone afford those fine dining cuisine.  Most of them look 'simple' enough but boy they take a lot of prepping combined with creative imagination to look so delectable in their presentation.

The above picture is a screenshot from the finale episode of MasterChef Australia the Professionals.   It looks so yummy, doesn't it?

Watching these cook shows late at night does not bode well for my diet.  Thankfully, I have a strong will power and I am able to control myself from ransacking the pantry or the ref for a sinful midnight snack.   

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