Monday, July 29, 2013

It's in the jeans!

Yesterday at church, I noticed this young woman wearing a printed top with matching pants.  At first I thought she was wearing her pajamas until I realized this type of attire was the current trend in fashion.

When it comes to fashion, I prefer to stay in the safe zone.  I was brought up to wear matching colors.  Shoes and bags should be the same tone.  Keep it simple when it comes to accessories.  Do not draw attraction to yourself.  Clothes don't make you, personality does.

So when I see how fashion has evolved through the years, I feel 'old'.  Mismatched tops and bottoms, shoes and bags give me the hives.  I tried it once just for the heck of it but I felt so uncomfortable I wanted to shrink and hide behind a closet or wear a blanket over my outfit.   

One of my staple outfits is a top and jeans.  Yet skinny jeans and leggings are not part of my wardrobe.  For one, I am too short to pull it off. Second, I equate leggings with sleep wear.   Third, I no longer belong in the hip category range.

My jeans are straight cut, sometimes a bit of a flare at the seams.   Now that I'm a lot lighter, I get the impression I'm now wearing what you call "mom jeans".  Nothing wrong with them (it goes with the adage that you should 'act your age') but the thing is I'm not a mom so why should I wear them? :D

My options are to get them 'fixed' or buy new ones.  Let's see if my budget cooperates with my plans.  


cheekeegirl said...

Yup I'm also on the safe zone. I don't follow trends. But I choose clothes that I think wouldn't make me silly whether it's the in or out thing

DaPHne LAura said...

I agree cheekeegirl. Comfort and to look presentable at all times is a must in choosing our wardrobe.
Thanks for the visit!