Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Darkness falls

Last night while we were doing our usual online after dinner routine, the power supply suddenly went off.  Good thing I wasn't composing anything important because I wasn't able to save it. I was merely playing Candy Crush on Facebook as I'm still stuck at level 147 for almost 3 weeks now.  Grrrr!

So there we were fumbling in the dark, I reached for my cellphone so we could have some faint light to guide us through the room.  We got our always ready rechargeable lamp and switched it on so we weren't completely in the dark.

Last night was quite balmy (unlike the previous nights when the precipitation lowered the temperatures) and without an electric fan, my very active sweat glands were working overtime and I was sweating buckets + it is the 'time of the month' so perspiration galore for little me.  Not fun, quite unpleasant, cringe moment all rolled into one. 

By then it was already past 11pm and I was getting quite sleepy.  My ever loving hubby who knows I'm Miss Sweaty (not Miss Sweetie) took charge and starting fanning me while we were lying in bed.  Even though I felt like a lechon (roasted pig) being roasted, I'm just very grateful I'm married to a guy who understands my needs and my wants without any prodding from my part.  Thus no nagging needed!

Either I am that predictable or he is simply such an awesome hubby.  I believe it's the latter, don't you agree? 

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