Friday, September 13, 2013

Not Wired

The original plan was to meet up with my parents for our monthly First Friday mass cum food tripping date. But I ended up spending almost a week with them (at the condo) as some important matters came up which needed my attention. As fate would have it, the old rickety computer at the condo (my parents are not computer savvy so they keep it hidden under a blanket) had a tantrum and won't load the operating system. 

After my many (failed) attempts to jump start it with my somewhat limited hardware knowledge, I simply gave up and resolved to find other ways to entertain myself. I finally finished reading Dan Brown's latest novel "Inferno". We had given my Dad the hardbound copy of the book as his birthday gift. But guess who ended up reading it first => me. I will review it in a future post.

It was also good timing as Cine Europa - the film festival featuring European movies was having its run at the Shang Cineplex which is just a few minutes away from my former residence.  So after we were done with the tasks, I would end up queuing to watch a European film.  Great way to relax and just get lost in the cinematic offerings of Europe. 

So I was able to survive 7 days without an Internet connection. It was refreshing and quite an eye opener for me whose first move in the morning after I get off the bed is to switch on my PC even before I go down to answer the call of nature. Heh!   And in this digital age where we are connected 24/7, I do recommend we take some time off to disconnect ourselves from being wired, most if not all the time.  

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