Thursday, September 05, 2013

Lack of Common Sense

Kindly allow me to express my opinion on a controversial matter.  Lately, there have been a couple of instances where celebrities made headlines. Unfortunately, the publicity isn't good feedback but smacks of bad taste. Videos of their most intimate moments were uploaded online. Naturally they would insist they didn't upload it themselves. That their hard drive was stolen and someone got hold of these files and thought it was a good idea to post it online where majority of the teeming public will feast on it like it was the soup of the day on a menu.

By the way, I haven't seen these videos and I have no intention of viewing them.  In the first place, I believe it is a violation of their privacy. Secondly, more often than not, it is the woman who has a lot to lose in these types of situations.  The lost of  trust and respect, the sheer humiliation, the embarrassing blow to one's dignity is the sad part of this whole messy imbroglio. 

It is just a simple matter of common sense running out of the window that got these celebrities into trouble. Given that you are a known figure is enough for one to behave appropriately not only in public but even in the privacy of their own adobe.  Now, I am not saying they should not engage in the most sacred, intimate act but they should be more responsible with their actions (pun intended!) and keep it private and within the confines of their bedroom.

Unfortunately, in this 'macho' society, most would even applaud the guy for not only having the guts to film such an act but would even critique his 'prowess' and his 'performance'.  In such a delicate situation, I would place the blame entirely on the guy.  Women need to be convinced to be a willing partner in allowing the act to be filmed.  Of course, the guy can always insist that it is safe and that no one can have access to these files. Yet in the digital age, no one can be 100 percent sure of being completely safe.  There are always several risks involved and this pertains to life itself not just in making sure your files are password protected.

In these cases though, it is quite apparent the women in these videos knew they were being taped and willingly participated in it. Perhaps they thought it won't be leaked.  They trusted their partners too much and didn't feel the need to worry about the bad exposure. Or it could also be they are shame-less and couldn't care less about this sort of behavior being recorded for whatever purpose. Ultimately, it seems having a respectable reputation and good dignity doesn't count much for these days. Proper decorum and a sense of propriety are perhaps not part of their limited vocabulary.

These type of videos also cheapen the act of lovemaking.  It isn't meant to be that way. It is an act that is supposed to be sacred and done with the affection and intimacy.  It is an expression of love but trust and respect must also be present.  It isn't something to be taped and then uploaded so perfect strangers who have nothing better to do would gawk at it like it was some exotic animal at the zoo.  

It is time we all be more morally responsible for our actions, not only physically but verbally as well. A return to good family values and a higher tolerance towards each other is clearly in order.  Our society is morally decaying in these "selfie"  times.  That for me is the most scary aspect of this present digital generation!!!


Photo Cache said...

i completely agree with the last paragraph. it's the age of oversharing in one form or the other.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes but just how much is 'oversharing'? If it is just decent pictures of family and friends gatherings, it is fine by me.

But if it is photos and/or videos of too much PDA or intimate poses best viewed for private consumption, it shouldn't be shared at all.

My other point is if you are brave enough to tape or film your intimate moments, be ready to face the risk of it getting exposed in public. No one is safe, nowadays.

Toni Tiu said...

So true! Lack of common sense, good values; lack of respect for one's partner. :/

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes Toni, this kind of society is quite a sad environment to hone the future generation. I hope all is not lost!