Monday, September 02, 2013

Physical Exertion

P.E was my most dreaded subject. In Brussels where I had my elementary schooling, our P.E (Physical Education) was gymnastics, softball and swimming. 

Although I was pretty flexible because I was such a shortie, I didn't relish the fact that we had to do several somersaults on the 'horse' just to get a fairly passing grade.  I also had to wear those really tight long sleeved leotards which was really not flattering to the figure.

Me and the water don't go well together.  So you can just imagine how I dreaded my swimming classes. For some strange reason, I cannot for the life of me float in water. Someone had to physically hold my mid section so I could pull my legs away from the ground.  To this day, all those swimming lesson didn't serve me well since I still don't know how to swim nor do I even attempt to go near the sea.  So obviously I'm not a beach person.

Back in the Philippines, high school life itself was pretty miserable. I was such an oddity so I couldn't fit in. I couldn't speak the local language. I was an ugly duckling (thick eyeglasses and even thicker wavy hair).  So sports like volleyball was sheer torture for me. I had this fear that the ball would hit my face so my eyeglasses would break and I would be blind without them. I was always last to be picked to be part of the team. During the game itself, the opponents would specifically target me knowing fully well I couldn't hit the ball. Terrible!

At the University of Santo Tomas, our P.E classes were volleyball, table tennis, dance and some activity I can't recall.  I've probably blocked it out of my memory forever.  My hand and eye coordination is practically zero.  My brain isn't programmed to act quickly on my feet and so my sight would be greatly hampered.   

Since all of these activities involved my most hatred 'action' - sweating like I was burning in the fires of hell, I was totally miserable when it was P.E time. I'm glad those years are way past behind me. I'm grateful I passed all my P.E subjects without the need to re-take them during summer.  

I still sweat a lot but I figure the main culprit would be the balmy weather and all the meds I have to take to control my hypertension and my cholesterol levels. The only time I don't mind sweating is an activity done in private. But this is a wholesome blog so no details would be forthcoming. :D


Toni Tiu said...

What?! You can't leave us hanging!!! LOL!

DaPHne LAura said...

Oh sure I can Toni. :D Secret with a capital *S*. so hush hush! LOL

Photo Cache said...

i'm like a sweat lodge, a little heat and humidity i'd be soaked.

my regret is that i didn't get involved in any sports activities while growing up.

DaPHne LAura said...

That is something I don't regret because sports was the bane of my existence. :D