Monday, October 21, 2013

Get a move on!

So yes that's it, I'm now officially 45 years old. We had my birthday lunch at Chili's, a restaurant which was my favorite hang out while we were stationed in Dubai, UAE way back in 1995 until 2001.

It was and still is a very special place. The venue where I had dates with my exes as well as dined with good old friends of mine (most of whom I've lost touch with since we are located in different places, nowadays).

It has been ages since I partook of their meals and although the menu is quite different from the one located in Dubai, it still brought back many fond memories for me.

By the way, I didn't order any margaritas as my drinking days are way behind me.  In the distant past, I could still walk straight after downing 4 -5 margaritas. Ah yes the good old days of lush and lust. hehehe

Now that I'm done with celebrating turning a year old, I've got to get my groove back as I have tons of errands and chores to do.  First is to get our passports renewed.  Second is to find the appropriate dates for our Christmas vacay at where my sister is based.  Third is to find the cheapest flights to get to our destination.

And you all know how hectic it gets before a trip.  Millions of things to attend to which can be quite tiring. So I have to get a move on, no time to be lazy.  


Photo Cache said...

hehehe, you have a go-to restaurant pla.

it's the planning stage of the trip that is quite satisfying.

Kayni said...

i agree...there's lot of things to do prior to a trip. i find planning very exciting.

DaPHne LAura said...

It is rather strange but for me I don't find the planning stage very exciting at all. On the contrary it stresses me out because I have to do everything and I keep worrying if I can finish it all before the actual trip.