Monday, November 04, 2013

Plan B

When I was still single, I was quite meticulous when it comes to planning.  I'd have everything ironed out months before the actual trip. 

Then I got married. :D

Much to my regret, I've somehow changed in my outlook towards well almost everything, I'd suppose.  Part of the blame would be my hubby who isn't much of a planner. He is pretty much the last minute sort of guy who throws in everything in a suitcase and throws caution to the wind.  Or let me rephrase that he would throw everything towards me! So I have to make all the necessary arrangements as well as the itinerary during the trip.

My single self would certainly relish this bequeathed role but my married self abhors it.  I know it doesn't make sense but strangely it is how it has been the past 5 years of my married life.

This is the main reason why I said in the comments section of my previous post that I don't find the planning part quite exciting, anymore.  It stresses me out that *I* have to do everything!!!

Therefore it didn't come as much of a surprise when we hit a snag in our planning stage. It actually was sort of looming but I never expected it to hit us this late in our preparations. Of course, despite my complaints I am still hoping the trip will push through. If only for the sake of my parents who are this early quite excited about spending the holidays in a colder climate. 

So I'm keeping my fingers (my toes as well) crossed. And pray we push through even though the stress factor would be at the highest level possible for me to handle. So help me, Lord!


Photo Cache said...

a trip that has no wrinkles is not as memorable as one that seem to hit every snag there is. having said that i hope this time around you would slide smoothly to the day of the trip without much wrinkle. exciting trip it sounds like.

Kayni said...

i agree with photo cache. i am also praying all will go well and that your trip will push through.

DaPHne LAura said...

Unfortunately, the odds ARE NOT in our favor :(