Friday, November 08, 2013


This article just made me sad. It probably means we have to cancel our trip. I don't really know what it entails. I am still confused about what our options are at this point.

The weather is really bad as the Visayas region is currently being battered by supertyphoon Yolanda. It is expected to hit the NCR this afternoon or tonight. So this bad news doesn't help to cheer up our dampened spirits.

I do understand their measure to impose these sanctions. Truth be told the moron (I did not vote for him) who leads our embattled country is to blame not only for this incident but the messy crisis we are currently experiencing. I know I sound bitter and for sure I am indignant about this restriction because it involves me and my family personally. But I am also concerned for the thousands of Filipino workers whose livelihood would be affected by these economic sanctions.

At least, I do care which cannot be said for the haciendero who continues to mismanage our nation with his ineptitude!

May the good Lord bless us all.


Kayni said...

I thought they were "still" thinking of implementing this sanction. Are they really doing it? I'm so sorry to hear your trip to HongKong will not go through.

DaPHne LAura said...

I believe the sanctions will be imposed in a month's time, they are quite indignant about it. So what is the point of going to a place where we are NOT welcomed? That would be adding insult to injury!