Friday, June 13, 2014


The past 5 weeks was pretty much a blur.

But in between the numerous hospital visits where various blood tests and ultrasounds were performed on my sister, we managed to treat my dear Mom for her 77th birthday last May 30.  Yes the double 77 as we like to call it.

We had lunch at a Thai restaurant named Soi for her birthday lunch.

For dinner, it was at HK Chef which serves Chinese food.

Then before my sister returned to HK, we treated dad to an advanced Father's Day treat at Tony Roma's his fave restaurant.

June 10, the doctor cleared my sister for travel so she returned to HK where she has a ton of work to do. Her biopsy results were benign (Thank God!), but she still has uterine bleeding and was given meds to regulate the flow. Her myomas are growing by the day but the hysterectomy would have to be postponed for now.  She still has to clear her sked as well as seek permission from her boss for a longer leave of absence from work.   So in short, even though the nightly fevers have subsided and her infection is cleared, she isn't really cured just yet. 
The long road to recovery is just temporarily shelved as she needs to earn a living which in turn pays for all these procedures. 

June 11 - I returned to our lil nook in QC. I miss having my sister around but for now she is just a Skype video chat away.  I have tons of household chores waiting for me to tackle but I'm still in my lazy mode and I'm actually quite tired and exhausted from the ordeal.  

Meanwhile ... life goes on and we are all moving onwards! 

Thanks so much everyone who sent their good wishes for my sister's recovery.  Much appreciated and may God bless you all.


Photo Cache said...

hugs to your sister. i went through this myself in 2010. however, i must say that my experience was painless. i did have ultrasound but once the doctor saw the myomas (they took out 6, big ones too) only surgery was the option. i asked only for myomectomy since i was hoping for babies still, and the surgery and recovery were painless. thank god.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks Photo Cache. She did have a myomectomy in 2011, they removed around 12 of various sizes. But this time the more drastic hysterectomy is recommended as her reproductive system is already badly damaged. :(