Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Cup Fever

There are only two sports that I am passionate about.  

Soccer and Tennis.

I played tennis for a very brief period in my life in Dubai, of all places.

Then I semi-fainted due to the extreme humidity and heat of the desert climate.

I say semi because I was half conscious but felt really out of it.

So I stopped playing.


Call it trauma or lack of motivation or a fleeting fancy.

Whatever the reason (till this day I'm not sure), I just couldn't bring myself to actively play, ever again.

As for soccer I never played the game.

Although back when I was studying in Brussels, Belgium - soccer was the main PE course.

Now for someone who was wearing thick glasses, balls flying can be quite frightful.

I wasn't good at it - even back then I had two left feet.

But I developed a keen interest in it.

I got hooked on the FIFA World Cup.

I remember during the 1982 World Cup held in Spain, I collected all the cards of every player.

From every team that qualified and I pasted them on this official World Cup scrapbook.

It was fun, exciting and I stayed up to watch all the games.

I was 14 years old back then and the WORLD CUP consumed my entire being.

Fast forward to 2014 - the FIFA World Cup is now in its second week.

The games are now held in sunny, warm and welcoming Brazil.

The live broadcast of the matches are shown at midnight, 3 AM and 6 AM, Manila time.

I'm too tired and dare I say too old to stay up that late.

So I just catch the replays in the afternoons.

Even though I already know the final scores.

Because it is the first thing I check on my smartphone upon waking up.

The thrill I get from watching the replays is just as exciting as watching it live.

The FIFA WORLD CUP always brings fond memories of my childhood.

Days of yore when everything stopped and football reigned supreme.

The nostalgia always bring a smile to my face.


Photo Cache said...

Oh I didn't know you are a fanatic! 2 yrs ago we started getting a group together to travel to Brazil for the world cup. We did some research and before making final decision, a brazilian coworker of the hubby warned him and pleaded with him not to go for security reasons and he said the infrastracture is not in place to handle the massive number of people. Long story short, we listened to her and hubby is having regrets.

DaPHne LAura said...

oh no what a pity! I think she meant well as two years ago the protests against holding the World Cup in Brazil were quite rampant. Nothing seemed ready.

But on hindsight, you should have just trusted your instincts and gone ahead with your plans. It would have been an amazing adventure to be in Brazil during the World Cup.

When I see on TV the different cities, the hordes of people, the huge stadiums filled with fans - I believe that BRAZIL is doing an excellent job hosting the event.

Kudos to them!