Thursday, February 05, 2015

Dec. 30, 2014: Ocean Park (Part One)

The last time we visited Ocean Park was in February 2009. It was just a short visit to celebrate my parents 41st wedding anniversary. It is memorable because it was the first ever airplane trip for D (yes! imagine that!), it was also our first trip abroad as a married couple and naturally it was my parents' anniversary.

Coincidentally, today February 5 marks my parents' 47th wedding anniversary. They are the best parents, I could ever hope for and I wish them all the blessings and good wishes for more wedded bliss. 

6 years is a long time so we decided to revisit Ocean Park. Plus my sister was able to redeem her credit card points for discounted tickets so off we went to visit the pandas, the penguins, the jelly fishes, the sharks and the different species of fishes. 

First stop - the Panda Enclosure

The above animal is known as a red panda!

An otter playing tricks

Souvenir shop

This section depicts Old Hong Kong 
where the charms of the past are on display

These bowls of soup were our lunch for the day

Then it was time to ride the cable car to get to the other side of Ocean Park for more adventure and loads of fun

This is taking longer than I anticipated as there are a ton of pictures to choose from and I haven't sorted them out. So let me end here and continue it some other day.

To be continued ...


Photo Cache said...

Blue looks so good on you. Can't remember seeing you in that color before. And the bowls of soup look comforting. I want one now. Is that "adidas" on the soup?

DaPHne LAura said...

Oh wow thanks! In fact it is my fave color but I try not to be 'the blue lady' so I go for colorful outfits. It is hard to choose which clothes to bring as I want to travel light (kuno) so I stick to blues.
If you mean chicken feet by adidas then yes it is, my mom loves them so that soup is hers hehe. It was hot and hearty for lunch for the temps was getting cooler by then.