Saturday, February 07, 2015

Ocean Park (Part Two)

So after you take a very scenic cable car ride, you reach the section of the park where there are countless rides. But we are not the adventurous types so we didn't even attempt to try these scary rides captured in these photos.

Instead we ogled at the colorful fishes

were amused by the seals

the sea lions

We were mesmerized by this magnificent Pacific Walrus 
who was swimming a backstroke

Next was the South Pole Encounter with the penguins

Inside the den of the Arctic fox was a shivering thought
that however 'cute' they appear, 
they are carnivores!

Look! A smiling stingray!

Oh what sharp teeth you have, you fierce shark you!

Lastly, no matter how tired you are walking the entire day,
there is nothing quite calming nor refreshing than
seeing a jelly fish up close and personal.

To be continued ...


Photo Cache said...

I've never seen an arctic fox before. It's a beautiful animal. Incredible.

The rides I avoid as well. It's scary for me now. Before I would gladly try the milder ones, but I haven't even been to a ferris wheel, can you believe that????

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes we were all so amazed with the arctic foxes. So glad to see them up close!

I love ferris wheels, that I can handle but the rollercoaster and those other scary rides, no thanks!