Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ocean Park (Part Three)

It was getting late and fortunately, we found another way to get back down - the Ocean Express. It is a very short train ride and there is hardly any queue (unlike the cable car ride).

It was getting really chilly by then but we weren't done yet. We found this huge building which said "The Grand Aquarium" so we entered and it was great because I love aquariums!

Just before closing time, an exciting dancing fountain show called "Symbio" is staged at the lagoon. The story is about the Fire Dragon and the Water Dragon who are fighting for supremacy. Set amid a very loud music, powerful fireworks effects and a narrative that teaches us to respect and protect the environment and our planet for future generations.

I have to add that when Ocean Park closed and the bus terminal was teeming with people, the ever efficient staff (or perhaps they were employees of the bus company) had a very good system in place for crowd control.  Many lines were set up in front of the double deck buses. The staff was also able to effectively count the number of passengers allowed per bus so everyone was assured of a seat.  No pushing, no long waits and a comfortable bus ride back to town - surely added to the pleasant Ocean Park experience.  

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