Monday, June 22, 2015

Special Day

It was Father's Day yesterday so we met for lunch after mass to treat Dad. He likes baby back ribs so we went to Burgoo. 

Dad excused himself to answer the call of nature so when the waitress came to our table, she greeted my husband 'a happy father's day' complete with a big smile. During these special days, we, the childless couple are put on the spot. Obviously, it doesn't apply to us. But we just shrug, grin and bear it. 

But it was especially awkward last Mother's Day when the hubby and I were having lunch at this restaurant, the service crew came to our table with a plate of two waffles with syrup on the side. When I said 'Oh sorry we didn't order that', he smiles and tells us it was complimentary for the occasion. Of course, we accepted it without making a fuss and just thanked them for the gesture. But deep inside, I felt guilty accepting the freebie. 

I know they just mean well but perhaps they should be sensitive about this kind of matter. Or am I the one being too sensitive? 

Either way, I end with this appropriate quote:

"Love your parents. We are too busy growing up, 
we often forget they are also growing old."


Photo Cache said...

As long as you have maternal or paternal instincts, then you have at one time been a father or a mother to someone, not just full time.

I admire your dad for still having the appetite to tackle a big slab of ribs :)

Kayni D said...

You know, my Dad's request was also ribs and cornbread, so we took him to his favorite rib place.

We seem to have similar experiences - on Mother's Day, I was given a rose at a fast food place. I shrugged it off and accepted the rose thinking that I'm mommy to Daisy our dog. Kepi also got greeted Happy Father's Day yesterday. He just laughed and said thank you.