Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back in circulation

My sister was in town for almost two weeks, early part of July. Aside from the usual hospital visits for her post-op check-ups (where she discovered she needs to undergo another surgery, this time for her colon *sad face*), and dining out at her favorite restaurants - it was fun bonding with her. We would stay up late late at night just chatting, updating each other on our lives ... even though we chat on Skype every single day!  :D

It was also during her visit that 2 severe typhoons graced our country with their menacing presence. It rained a lot, streets were flooded, classes were suspended for the entire week. It was bleak, gloomy and very damp! But brave soul that my sister is, she didn't mind it one single bit and she enjoyed driving in the scary, zero visibility, torrential downpour! 

The best unexpected news though was an answered prayer to a situation which seemed totally hopeless. It is too murky to blog about but suffice it to say we are all ecstatic about it. And we can't help praising the Lord above for the blessings He continues to shower upon our family. And nope, I am not preggy. Just making that clear!

So I'm back in my comfy zone with reality shows blaring from the TV (yes, reality shows are my guilty pleasure he he he) amidst the usual hustle and bustle of this once quiet residential environment now turned into a noisy neighborhood courtesy of the 'jeepney' terminal that suddenly popped up across our apartment. 

At any given time, there are 4 - 5 jeeps parked on our street and they are ALWAYS revving up their engines. So imagine the ruckus, not to mention the pollution they are causing in this area! All the amount of complaining to the barangay hall center seem to fall on deaf ears. So Lord have mercy as I try to stay sane amidst all this noise barrage. 

This is all for now ... will try to blog more ... soon!


Kayni D said...

Glad to hear you spent time with your sister. You're both looking great.

I heard about the storms from my sister as well. I guess it is that time of year. I'm so sorry your sister will go through another surgery. She'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes thanks Kayni. She still has to clear her work sked but she is hoping to go for the operation sometime in October or early November. I am worried about this type of surgery as recovery period will be much longer and she will have to deal with more pain. :(

Photo Cache said...

Nothing better than having your sister around. A situation that I now in my adulthood has started to realize and be envious of because I am the only girl. The rain is another thing we are envious of, because our drought is getting worse. California is sooo dry.

For the summer these are my guilty pleasures and tell me if you watch any of these: Under the Dome, The Strain, The Tyrant, Defiance.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes Photo Cache I've heard about the drought in California, too bad I hope the situation improves soon.

I started watching The Tyrant but lost interest due to bad acting LOL. The rest you've mentioned are sci-fi related tv shows so they don't interest me at all.