Monday, August 03, 2015

Well well well ... hello there!

Look what I dug up from some long forgotten box under piles of other 'junk' items in my previous residence.  The above is my picture in my official passport way way back when I was just ten (10) years old!  Below it states the bearer is the daughter of commercial (trade) analyst assigned to Belgium. 

Gosh that was ages ago (36 years to be exact). I am wearing winter attire so perhaps it was taken during the colder European climates. The only entry in that passport is a Swiss visa which was issued so I could attend my "class de neige" (snow classes).  

I remember that class with fondness because for 2 weeks, the entire class was billeted in a big chalet in some small mountainous Swiss town. We were taught how to ski, communing with the natural mountainous and provincial environment, and also interacting with kids of the other schools. It was my first time to be away from my family and I remember feeling so cold even though I had thick sweaters and a warm parka to protect me.  I wasn't particularly keen on skiing as I had very poor balance and as an Asian I could not really identify with the ski sports. But nevertheless, I had so much fun and I cherish that "class de neige" as one of my most pleasant life experiences. 

So as I look at my 10 year old self, I can only smile and be thankful for all the blessings I have received and continue to accumulate.  And even if back then I had so many fears as well as aspirations, I can proudly say ,,, 36 years later ... I am doing just fine and in a good place in my life, right now.   



Photo Cache said...

So cute! Nice to know that you kept this, among other things I'm sure.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks :)

I do have many pictures in albums from my past but I haven't been able to sort them out to preserve them digitally, unfortunately.