Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back to wifey mode

Yes so the warm heat welcomed us back home as soon as we stepped out of the airport terminal. I probably sweated my equivalent in weight the minute I exited the air conditioned airport so although I don't relish the discomfort, I use reverse psychology and believe that sweating without exercising is a good way to expel the excess kilos I gained during our month long stay in HK. Heh!

So as mentioned by my two most loyal readers in their comments in my previous post, yes I am blessed that my elderly parents can still find the energy to travel let alone do all that walking, commuting on very efficient public transport and regale us with their happy, cheerful presence. Although it is heartbreaking for me to see them frail and needing some assistance, it is still comforting that during their twilight years, they get to enjoy naman themselves with good food, nice climate and a change in scenery. In fact, they never cease to amaze me with their energetic stride and still persevere even though they are physically tired.

Our stay was not all sight seeing, dining out because our primary concern was the well being of my sister. So we helped her tidy up her apartment, carried her groceries and her laundry and even changed her high ceilinged bulbs. In short, manual labor but we did it out of love for her as she has been through a lot, health and otherwise.

I'm back now at my apartment in the loving company of the hubby whom I hate to admit I've neglected since December 9 when I moved back to the condo to take care of my sister. I am truly blessed too as I have a partner who understands wholeheartedly that my priorities shift as circumstances pop up. I feel guilty sometimes but it is lessened when he is the one who reassures me he is fine with the situation. Actually, he doesn't really have a choice, no? Bless him!

So three months is a long time to be away from routines and I can see there are a ton of chores which need my feminine touch. Positive attitude must reign as beads of sweat pour down my forehead and my back. 

Will continue my HK series as soon as time permits ... for now it is time to reflect as Holy Week is upon us. Have a meaningful Semana Santa, everyone!


Photo Cache said...

Stay cool, stay indoors. I still remember the brutal heat of the summer.

Kayni D said...

My parents are there in the Philippines at the moment and they're also experiencing the heat. I keep telling them to stay indoors.

I hope your sister is doing well and that she's done with her surgeries.

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks Kayni and PhotoCache ... I keep myself indoors indeed and drink a lot of water to hydrate.