Friday, March 18, 2016

Macau part 2 (March 3 -5, 2016)

I had to cut the previous post short as I needed to start packing by installment as our things are all over the place as well as the items we bought here. Yes, we have been gone a month now and eventually it is time to head back to home sweet home. We are booked on an evening flight tomorrow.

Second day in Macau, as I feared my parents knees acted up so they had difficulty getting up and down the shuttle buses so we took a taxi to get to the city. Armed with a map with pictures of the Senado Square and our hotel, we merely pointed it to the cab driver so he would know our destination. A fair amount of walking was done but at least it was on flat surface and no stairs involved. Our 3rd day, we just stayed in The Venetian until it was time to head for the ferry terminal. 


Photo Cache said...

How precious is it to travel with your parents in their advanced age and how lucky you are that D is okay with you doing your thing with your family.

Kayni D said...

I agree with Photo Cache. There are things to consider and reconsider in terms of traveling with parents. I'm glad you guys are having a great time.