Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 2

This is the second week since I started taking meds for my high uric acid levels. I wonder if it is effective because my joints still hurt like I was in a boxing match.

Yet I am happy to announce that I've also been exercising for 3 days a week now.


Last year after my sister's major surgery, she was referred to an endocrinologist by her surgeon so she could control and maintain her weight. The doctor recommended an easy to follow exercise regimen called "Walk at Home" by Leslie Sansone. You basically walk away the pounds by doing a good cardio workout right in the comfort of your home. I googled the program on YouTube and found several videos which are easy to follow and based on your own pace.

I would never, ever enroll myself in a gym since I'm shy and don't like to work out in public in plain view of other people. Besides those gym membership fees cost a fortune, no?

I'm determined to keep doing it even if I collapse from sweating up a storm and from fatigue. The first day I tried it .. I only managed to go 1 mile until I slowly but surely progressed to the 3 miles mark.

I'm proud of myself ... here's keeping my fingers and my tired toes crossed that I stick to this effective regimen of losing weight and getting my cholesterol and uric acid levels within the normal range.

This is not a sponsored post!  =)


Photo Cache said...

Way to go. I have to follow suit.

DaPHne LAura said...


Good luck ... go for it! :)