Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I just came back from Shangri-la Edsa Plaza where I headed straight to the
National Book Store. They have this section that sells hard bound novels for only P99! Not bestsellers but if you are patient enough you can find really interesting stories. My sister and I ended up buying nine!

Ever since my childhood, books have been a major part of my life.
I remember my first book was a prize I won for being the best speller in my first grade of schooling. I was about eight years old when I first started wearing glasses and as the years progressed my eye sight worsened. I blame it all on books and being a voracious reader. So I was always the odd one out - short with thick curly hair and thick glasses. How nerdy! Just remembering that visual gives me the shivers. It was only after I finished college that I started wearing contact lens.
Lately though I mostly read online. And magazines like the Time Magazine and the Reader's Digest (especially the jokes!) often lull me to sleep.

Yes I'm proud to admit Im a bookworm.
A legacy I inherit from my parents.
In fact, the whole family wears eyeglasses.

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