Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I fell asleep last night reading the latest issue of Time Magazine.
Its cover story is an in-depth article on the insurgents sowing terror in Iraq. They are men driven by a common goal - to reclaim their country from the invaders. I cannot begin to imagine how it feels like to be ruled for decades by a despotic leader. I wasn't around here during the Martial law years of President Marcos.
But for democracy to flourish it has to come from within the country and led by its own people. Not for a foreign nation to impose it upon them all in the name of "liberation". To ruin the historical landmarks, to kill innocent people and now let mayhem and chaos ensue is not democracy ... it is lunacy.
I was in Dubai for a week long vacation when I heard that Saddam Hussein's 2 sons died in a gun battle. Seeing their lifeless bodies paraded on CNN was sickening. Given the fact that they weren't exactly model citizens aside, is it fair to gloat?
Now that they have finally captured the man who they blame for everything that went wrong in Iraq. I hope they understand it is time they start packing their bags. Let the country be ruled by a competent leader so that it can regain its past glory. A country which dates back to the times of Ali Baba and when Baghdad was known for its opulence and splendour!

Me takes my political analyst cap off.

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