Monday, December 15, 2003

Night Owl
Unless Im dead tired, I dont hit the sheets till 4 A.M. sometimes even later. I either chat, play trivia, play games online, download mp3s, browse the Internet - sometimes I do all of the above and then some - Im a multitasking babe. But my favorite activity is to watch movies. So I simply go down to the ground floor of my building and rent VCDs.
I just finished watching Bruce Almighty. The one where Jim Carrey is given God's powers for a week and tries to save his sorry pathetic life. Morgan Freeman as God was convincing. I also like Jennifer Aniston in any movie she stars in but ironically I don't like her character on Friends. The film would sometimes seem like it was preaching but Jim Carrey's antics saved it. I like his style of making faces and sounds to garner laughter. But at least he wasn't as obnoxious as his Ace Ventura character. I give him credit for trying to act normal and not overdo his "I am a goofball" tendencies in this movie.

Im planning to see Mystic River this week. I better catch it before the Metro Manila Film Festival starts. I don't watch Tagalog movies and it frustrates me so much that every year, they show only local movies from Dec. 25 till Jan. 3! This means I would have to wait till Jan. 19, 2004 to see The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I'm not crazy enough to waste P450 for the premiere night on Dec. 19!


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